7 Examples of Awesome Customer Service

Submitted 3/14/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

1. A woman enters a bookstore (B. Dalton) looking for a particular book, that her son wants for Christmas. The lady at the desk searches for the book but can not find it. The next shipment with the book will arrive in a few days, so she calls at Borders (their competition) and asks if they have the book. She then gives the contact to their customer along with an address of Borders where her book will be waiting for her;

2. When a woman decides to surprise her siblings with a combination of memory book and autobiography she made by herself. When she visits Office Depot, she brings them a bag full of pictures and typed pages. In about a week they create a beautiful book for her and her surprised children;

3. At Macy's a woman is looking for a certain apron. The employee tells her that she will need her phone number, she will look in the storage for such aprons and will call her immediately if she finds one. After a few hours the clerk calls the customer to inform her that she found the apron and will be glad to package it for a pickup, whenever the customer is ready to take it;

4. At Ackroyd's, a woman is looking for light bulbs. She picks one type, but the employee next to her advices that she doesn't need this particular type, because they get too hot when used. He shows her some more light bulbs and helps her pick the best and not so expensive ones for her home.

5. Home Depot receive a complaint about a $37 baseboard heater. Unluckily, the warranty of the heater has expired. However, the store sends a $50 gift card to the customer in place of the heater;

6. A teenager looses her Blackberry at a Hot Topic. On the next day, one of the employees finds the phone with dead battery. She took it home and recharge it so she can call someone on the call list. She called the teenager's mom and on the next they she picked up the phone from Hot Topic;

7. When a family's house burns down, the mother goes to a Nordstrom to shop for some essentials just to get through the week. When the employee who is helping her shop realizes what happened to her house, he arranges free delivery for her $500 worth of purchases.

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