When customer service goes funny pt.1

Submitted 6/14/2012 by Level 2 Support

Customer service is the main and most valued player in the customer experience team. Everyday, thousands customer service professionals speak with many customer over different problems and queries. Sometimes, these problems are quite interesting and peculiar. In a research, 200 customer service professionals were asked to describe the most funny, outrages and strange complaints the have received. We have some of the answers here. Enjoy.

  1. At the supermarket, a customer complained that his bill was wrong. The cashier explained that this is because there are several discounts apllied and without them, his bill would be with a higher total. The explanation couldn’t get the customer to calm down, until he spoke with the manager. After it was accepted he was right and allowed to pay the higher total, he left happy.
  2. A customer service receives a complaint form a customer, who says his dishwasher, he just bought, is broken – it sprays water, but the plates are not spinning!
  3. A customer has been refunded by a pet shop on a complaint that the hamster he recently bought from there was neither cuddly nor friendly.
  4. Another pet shop refunded a customer on a complaint that the dog-coat she bought from there couldn’t fit her pet rabbit. 
  5. A customer complained about the high quality of their customer service . In his words – they could spend less money on staff training and more on reducing customer bills.
  6. An internal helpdesk received a mail from a client, which stated that she could see her monitor only when she lays her head on the desk. A support team was send to rotate the monitor which solved the case.
  7. High winds causing a power failure were the reason for an electricity provider to receive a complaint from a customer, when he missed a “vital” episode from his favorite soap opera.
  8. A customer complained that the ham he bought was unreasonably salty. The retailer offered a full refund once the item was returned, on which the customer replied with “That’s impossible. I ate it.”
  9. A complaint at a delivery company stated that when the delivery guy find no one home, he tried to deliver the purchased curtain pole through the letterbox. When the customer returned he found his dog pinned to the wall.
  10. A diner received a complaint that the recommended by the waiter champagne wasn’t as excellent as suggested. After stating this, the customer insisted on a full refund, despite the fact, that he drank the whole bottle.