The 5 best companies for customer service

Submitted 7/13/2012 by Level 2 Support

The public image of a company is something that large and successful companies spend a lot on. But no matter how much money they spend if their customer service is poor – they will loose customers. Clients demand better and better customer service and if they don’t receive it they will do business with a company that is able to provide, while companies with poor customer service end up with no clients. With this in mind, let us introduce you to five of the companies providing the best customer service yet:

  1. Apple – with loyal customers unlike any other PC vendor, Apple takes leading place in more than one chart for customer satisfaction, rating higher than it’s competition. The company knows clearly that a good product is only half a step towards success, so they provide one of the best customer service in the world, being innovative even there.
  2. General Electric – multiple surveys rank GE number one in the major appliances customer service category. With a great web of blogs where you can see reviews and troubleshooting guides of their products, GE is really an example when it comes to customer experience. But the top of their customer service cake is the GE Six Sigma black belts – a group of management exerts who assist their internal customers in streamlining processes, cutting costs and increasing profit margins.
  3. Toyota Motor Corporation – the leader in the automobile section customer service. Although the provide quality and reliability which can set the gold standard for the industry, the Japanese automobile manufacturer does not stop there – the jewel of the Toyota’s crown is it’s customer service based on “pure logic and pure respect”- the customer-centric Toyota way.
  4. Google – in the search engine customer service chart Google are ranked number one, which is absolutely normal, regarding their quality and constant pursue of innovation. “Every year, if we do the same as we did last year, consumers are going to see us as not fulfilling their needs.”. Enough said.
  5. Southwest Airlines Co. – with highest score in the airlines customer service chart Southwest Airlines recognize their dependency on the customers and provide great experience. With such innovations as Ding! - a free program that sends audible electronic notices to a consumer’s desktop and a basic, yet effective rule that states “Happy employees = Happy customers” we can see why they rank so high.