5 of the Best Customer Support Examples

Submitted 1/29/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

There are many stories for customer service, some funny, some – not so much. There are but a few, that are not just good, but the best. And most interesting, of course. Here they are:

  1. Morton’s Steakhouse – one afternoon, after a long workday, a customer of Morton’s Steakhouse was getting ready to board a flight home. This took place over dinnertime, so he knew he would be hungry when he deplaned. So he tweeted “Hey, @Mortons – can you meet me at newark airport with a porterhouse when I land in two hours? K, thanks. :)”. Nothing special here, except that when he got off the plane there was a tuxedoed gentleman, waiting for him, holding a bag of a big Morton’s porterhouse, shrimp, potatoes, napkins and silverware. Impressive, considering that the nearest Morton’s Steakhouse was 24 miles away from the airport and that someone needed to track the flight and departure details of the customer to exactly pinpoint the place the tuxedoed guy needs to be. Ok, it’s amazing, actually.
  2. Zappos – a woman buys six pairs of shoes from the store for her mother which, after a recent medical treatment, has overly sensitive toes, which renders most of her shoes useless. A couple of days after the old woman calls and tries to get instructions on how to return so many shoes, explaining the whole situation, she receives a huge bouquet of flowers, wishing her well and also a VIP membership for her and her two daughters which gives them free shipping on all orders.
  3. Ritz-Carlton – a family vacationing in Ritz-Carlton in Bali had a problem with their food. Because of their son’s food allergies, he could only eat specialized eggs and milk, which the family always carried with them. In this particular situation, the food was ruined en route and there was nowhere to be found in Bali. The hotel’s manager couldn’t find the specialized food anywhere, but his executive chef remembered there is a store in Singapore which soled such food. He, then, called his mother who bought the eggs and milk and took a nearly 3 hours flight to Bali to deliver them.
  4. Apple – maybe more of a rumor than a true story, the history tells us about a man returning his newly bought iPad with a note saying “Wife said NO”. The VP’s of Apple found that funny, so they fully refunded the customer and send him an iPad with a note on it, saying “Apple sayd YES”.
  5. Sainsbury’s – the grocery store in UK received a letter from a 3-year old girl asking “Why is your Tiger bread called Tiger Bread? It should be called Giraffe Bread instead!” referring to one of the store’s items, which pattern actually resembled a giraffe pattern more than a tiger’s. The customer service manager of Sainsbury’s replied with an explanation on the name and a “Brilliant idea”. A couple of days later, the name of the bread waas changed to Giraffe bread and the little one received a gift card.