Cloud Computing Trends 2014

Submitted 1/8/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

The Cloud

Cloud computing was really big last year with nearly 60% of small and medium businesses using such services. Well, this year things are about to get even bigger about the cloud. But let's check out some of the cloud computing trends for this year:

1. The Hybrid - the end to the "private or public" cloud will come to an end with the appearance of the hybrid cloud. This awesome freak of the tech nature combines both private cloud security and the cost effectiveness of the public cloud, which is big enough reason for even more companies to start using the cloud. It has everything for everyone - mainly for the security anxious and the big data advocates;

2. Growing PaaS - this and the upcoming years the role of Platforms-as-a-service will raise significantly, based on the information that its market is expected to grow from $4 billion to almost $14 billion by 2017. So, more and more companies will be turning their heads towards Paas. It allows businesses to speed up application development while reducing the costs. What is not to like?

3. Here comes the Gaas - now it might be a funny abbreviation, but the through is more awesome. By now, if you want visualize high-end graphics applications you needed the right hardware, which almost always costs a lot. However, Nvidia and AMD are working on a Graphics-as-a-service technology which will bring the most beautiful graphics to your screen with the need only of a HTML5 browser;

4. Cloud security - with the cloud applications taking over the businesses, the security raises more and more questions. In 2014 these questions will be answered with identity management solutions;

5. Web Apps - the Web is about to become a major platform for cloud-based apps, since efficiency is one of the benefits of cloud computing.  

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