Advantages of Cloud Computing

Submitted 11/15/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

"Should we do it?" - the question most of businesses ask themselves when turning their heads towards cloud computing. A concept that has been around for years it is still a thing that businesses take caution for when figuring out if they want to take the step and enter the cloud. But what exactly are the advantages of using it?

1. It's cheap - look on it as owning an apartment vs. renting an apartment. When you own it, you pay a big big price once and then you pay for everything that get's broken - you try to repair it by yourself, most of the times you can't, sometimes something big gets broken and you have to pay a nice sum to replace it - you know how things are. While when you rent the place, the landlord takes care for all the malfunctions and the maintenance, while you pay him a monthly fee. The cloud is like renting...

2. Pay for what you use - in a world where even the smallest software has, like, one gazillion (is this a number?) features and options, you will sometimes get in a position where you will pay for something that you don't need on 100%. This can't happen in cloud computing, because you can choose the options you need and pay only for them. This is extremely helpful when you are starting out small - you can pay for some features and when your business grows up - you can add some more;

3. Access - all you actually need to use cloud applications is a device that can access the web. If you have one - you can access the cloud from everywhere. Everywhere with internet. And also anytime. So your staff can now work wherever they are. Good news for you. And for them, right? Right?;

4. Security - your information is safe with cloud computing. It's stored in a different place and if you experience natural disasters or anything that might put your servers in danger, the info will be safe.

5. It's easy - you can put anything in the cloud - billing, invoicing, management applications. You can put the administrative tools in the cloud and actually concentrate on what is important for the company. Let someone else takes care for the small stuff.

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