How to Handle the Situation: Difficult Customers pt.2

Submitted 12/4/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

6. The Short Fuse - this type of client will strike us a rational and quite normal human being. On the inside, however, he is ready to explode if something goes wrong. And when something does go wrong, he will be there, waiting for you, ready to give you the headache of the century. How to handle the situation? Try to predict the problems long before they happen and warn the client. You can't predict or know it all, but you should try to...

7. The Busy One - he is having so much on his hands right now, that your proposal is one of the last things he needs to pay attention to right now. He will often take his time when you need him to take a look at something on the contract and when you call him to see what happened, he will tell you something like "I couldn't see it, I am busy right now. I'll check it out next year...". How to handle the situation? Simplify everything. Make a short summary of your proposal (2-3 simple sentences) and send it to him.

8. The Magician - this one will schedule a meeting with you and will "look forward" to seeing you. However, once you get to his office, the secretary will inform you that something "urgent" happened and he needed to take care of it, so he isn't here. Seems like a well-organized disappearing act, which leaves you frustrated, to say the least. How to handle the situation? Don't worry, this is actually good - contact him and explain that he now owes you a meeting and if he is a professional - he will respect that. Arrange the meeting to NOT be in his office;

9. The Business Ladder Climber - this type of customer isn't seeing you offer as something groundbreaking for the company, he sees it as something groundbreaking for his career. He is not the type of guy that can make the final decision and doesn't even have the needed authority, but he will insist on sponsoring your proposal. How to handle the situation? Let him take the lead as long as he will make the offer visible for the rest of the company. Sit back. Relax.

10. The Scared one - this is the guy that will invent new ways of saying "No" to your offer, just because he e is scared that he might sign under something that will turn out to be a trainwreck later. He don't want the blame for future failures, because he probably has 2 strikes already. How to handle the situation? Explain how everything works, even the small things, take your time with the offer and show him there is nothing that can go wrong.

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