Customer Service Trends 2014

Submitted 1/6/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

So, it's 2014 and it is high time we take a deeper look at this year's customer service trends:

1. Taking action on big data - until now customer service was (and still is, actually) a pretty nice tool for gathering information and data on the customers, but this year it's time for the organizations to start using it properly, combining it and creating the perfect individual customer experience, which will bring the customer toward the so much wanted unique and optimal customer service tailored especially for him;

2. Hire trend: data scientist - while most of the data is now gathered, turning it into an personalized customer experience needs the effort of at least one specialist. Predictive analytics is a thing that will grow bigger this year and companies will need the right man for the job. A person that will be able to dedicate it's time to analyzing all the data and creating unique customer service strategies will be a mandatory part for every company that wants to go that extra mile towards success;

3. The connection of things - the future is now, until now, there were a few things which could access the Internet for us - our laptop, our phone, our tablet. But the tech world doesn't sleep - we have Google glasses, automobile computers, fitness appliances and many more objects that can access the web. A recent study shows that there will be more than 10 billion objects connected to the web at the end of the year. How is this information useful for your business? It means new places and new data just waiting to be gathered;

4. The Cloud -  2013 was the year of the Cloud with more and more companies turning their heads towards it. To customer-facing technologies like customer service and CRM, the Cloud is the perfect place to reside. Software-as-a-service is now responsible for over 40% of the total revenues from CRM;

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