5 Tips to Effective Selling

Submitted 10/28/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev


Most of the times you refuse buying something it is because the salesman forces it onto you. The force is not a good salesman (unless it's The Force), so if you want you customers to buy rather than decline, you need to change tactics. Here is what you need to do:

1. Cut the lying - it is very easy for a person to spot whether a salesman wants to be helpful or he/she just wants to sell their product as fast as possible. So, you need to drop this sell--by-any-means-necessary attitude and give the customer the facts. Provide him/her with the exact information they need and just try to help them make the best choice;

2. Ask some questions - asking additional questions has two pros - you will find additional information about the customer, which will help you help them more effectively and it will make a good impression on the customer, because they will now see you really understand their problem/need and you are on their side;

3. Do you homework - research is a vital part of the salesman-customer relationship. How can you help someone when you don't know hat they do and what they need? Get to know your customer before you meet him - what does he do, what business problems does he meet, how can you improve his workflow etc.;

4. Be straightforward - complicated information, professional jargon, long presentations, big words etc. - just a small part of the things that can make a customer run away screaming. So, why would you do that? Get straight to the point and directly explain what your product is and why it will help you customer. Highlight additional features when asked;

5. Follow up with caution - keep the pressing calls and emails at minimum, for they are a sure proof way to scare away a customer. If you really need to do the email/calls thing - be cool and stay casual and friendly. 

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