5 Signs You Need to Get Rid of This Client

Submitted 10/14/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

The company-customer relationship is simple - you serve the customer and you get paid for it. Easy. In an alternative universe.

In our world, this relationship is just like any other relationship - it has ups and downs, compromises are made and when it gets more of a burden than a pleasant thing - you need to call it off. "But...", you might say, "...these are the customers! They pay. My company depends on them!". Yes, but sometimes you just need to move on towards someone better, someone who will pay on time and will actually appreciate you as a company. But how to know? Here are the signs:

1. You are not getting paid for the work done - as I said before, this is the simple part and is written in the contract - you do work for the customer and for that you get paid by him. If your customer fails to pay in reasonable amount of time or tries to lower the price post factum without you being responsible for it - he probably doesn't respect you. This means that this customer just isn't worth it;

2. Your opinion is voice in a desert - the key to success is a combination of quality input, different points-of-view and professional counseling. If your customer ignores your decisions, advices or professional opinion - it is time to move on. Remember, the customer not only buys your product or service, he buys your professionalism and expertise. Ignoring your counseling will lead to errors... which will be blamed on you...;

3. Your employees are getting picked on - the world of professional consulting is a world of peace inside the company. So, when the customer starts disrespecting your employees - you need to take their side. A man with enough professional courtesy would never insult in any way the employee of a partner company. And, believe me, if he insults employees doing good job, soon enough he will get to you, too;

4. You are being lied to - as in every other type of relationship, the business one is also based on honesty and loyalty. Sometimes, though, customers give false information or try to convince you to do something illegal or inappropriate. If the customer asks you something like that - just walk away from this relationship;

5. You over-service. Continually - another business thing that sounds simple but is not. Most of the times when you sign a contract with a customer, in it are specified the amount of work that needs to be done and the payment responding to it. However, sometimes the customer will ask for additional things to happen, which are not written in the contract. And sometimes, he won't pay for the additional work. This is a client that needs to be fired...  

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