Main Categories of Customer Satisfaction

Submitted 4/18/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Customer know, that while products lure them in, it is customer service quality that brings them back. But which are the main categories of customer satisfaction?


1. Product or service quality - do you know what is critical about your and every other business? About the economy as a whole? It's innovation. Making your products or services better every day is the single thing that can make the difference for your company. Subsequently, you need to be innovative in the customer care department, too. You need to make your customer service better and better day after day, too. Being fast and punctual in the customer service section is a great thing, but warmth and personalization is another good thing you need to add there as an innovation.


2. Agent-Customer relationship - another part of the customer satisfaction is the relationship your staff has with the customers. This is a perfect way to build a customer loyalty for your brand. As we know, it is cheaper and faster to keep an existing customer rather than trying to make new one. Promoting this kind of agent-customer relationship in your customer support methods can result in better service, faster resolutions, less training and happier and satisfied customers.


3. Cost vs. Benefit - you need to ask yourself the question "Do I realize what my customers need?". Can you answer it? If no - do not worry. Keep talking to your customers and be interested in what they need - how much would they pay for your product, what would they like to change in the customer service you provide. Get their feedback on the things you think are important on the way to understanding their needs. Also, find how you stuck up to your competitors - not just pricewise. Validate that your products meet your customers expectations.


4. Overall customer experience - try to think this way - you are selling not only products and services to the customers, you are selling them an experience. If your product needs additional assembling - find a way to make it a nice experience, not just irritating act of spending hours putting something together. Customers will always switch to products and services providing the best experience.