Improving Your Service Desk

Submitted 4/8/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Your company must have a customer service department, If so, then you must know how critical it is to be sure that things run great in it. Of course, there are some service desk considerations you need to keep in mind, when you try to improve the performance of your customer service department. They will show you if anything needs improvement.

1. Facing the challenge - there are as many different service desks as there are different companies. And they all face different challenges through their workday, However, there are some challenges that are quite common:

- handling increased volumes of customers across different platforms;

- managing the complexities inherent in change;

- lack of information about the customer;

If those challenges are present they are likely to be in the way of meeting your performance goals;


2. Does your staff affect the results - most of the time, when managers look for a person to fill their customer service staff, they tend to look for a person with great technical abilities and tech background. As a manager, this may seem right to you, but as a customer you will prefer to speak with some one who has good communication skills and customer service capabilities. We all have been in the situation where we speak with a hi-tech geek who, instead of helping us with our problem, makes us feel incapable of using heir product and sounds kind of bored. Your customer service staff should be at least fluent in customer service and awesome in technical issues.


3. Do you have help desk software - nowadays it is vital for a company to have the right software for everything. When it comes to customer service, you just need a help desk software. It is a great tool to consider when evaluating your customer service department. The help desk ticketing software will help you in many ways, which we wrote about here.


4. Do you have the technology - if your company handles a large volume of calls each day - maybe you need to consider a self-service portal. Such portal will help your customers help themselves and keep track of their own issues. A good knowledgebase is also a helpful think to consider - a database of questions and answers where customers can go and find solutions to simple issues.