Examples of bad customer service

Submitted 6/28/2012 by Level 2 Support


The recent articles we've written were to show how can you improve customer service and how important it is to maintain the best of it that you can. With this one we will show you some examples of poor customer service that you must avoid at any cost. 
1. Calling up a call center and pushing buttons for 30 minutes to speak with a consultant 
This one can annoy the most peaceful customer to the point where he will hang up and never return to you again. You must respect your customers time and try not to spend it unnecessary. The best solution here is to reduce waiting on the line to minimum. 
2. Waiting for your meal more than 30 minutes. 
If you are runnig a restaurant you must know that speed is very important. Everyone has experienced waiting for a meal in a restaurant more than 30 minutes and everyone knows how frustrating can it be. 
3. Slow replies to support request emails when you've just purchased a product online.
If is important to know that most customers are expecting reply within an hour or less. So if you manage to provide fast responce your customers will be satisfied and you will gain their trust. 
4. Cashier refusing to serve you with "just closing".
Make sure that if there is any chance to serve your customer even if you are closing you have to do it if you want him to return. It can happenn to anyone to be in a hurry for reaching the aisle before closing and miss it for seconds. In that moment if you make an exeption you will leave your customer with delightful feeling. 
5. Not getting batteries with your recent gadget purchase.
This is like buying a car and having it delivered without the tyres. You just cannot wait for it to arrive so you can try it and it turns out you can't. 
6. Salesman looking pissed when you ask him a question.
Most people are expecting the salesman to be nice and polite with them. And he should be because if he is bored or pissed wneh a customer is looking for help this will leave him with negative impression. 
There are so many more examples of bad customer service. Noone is perfect and mistakes happen once in a while, but the important thing is to improve and try to provide the best service if you want to be ahead of your competitors.