4 Words With Great Impact on Sales

Submitted 9/24/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

We might be in the era of the online stores and online shopping, but it is a general rule that people like to buy from people. And what is the mightiest weapon of the salesman? Words. Here are the ones that you, as a salesman, need to focus on if you want to close the deal:

1. "Benefits" - let's say I need to buy a new personal computer for my son because he wants to play the newest games which require better hardware. Now let's say I don't have a clue how a computer works. The standard salesman will start describing the specifications of the computer - the processor, the memory, the video adapter etc. As I said, I know nothing about computers, so I will probably feel kind of lost in all the RAM, AMD, GTX abbreviations and leave as soon as possible, because, surprise, I don't like to feel stupid. However, the next salesman will carefully explain to me that with this video card my son will be able to play the most good-looking games out there and that this processor will make the games load faster and run smoother. He will explain that this one has a bit lower specifications than the other, but the games would still be a perfect experience on a much lower price. I will buy from the second salesman, because he focuses on benefits, not on specifications.

2. "Show" - I bought a guitar a while ago, wanting to just see how it feels to be able to play an instrument. It is fun, and I feel awesome doing it. However, in the beginning I successfully broke a string. Immediately put the guitar in the case and went to the nearest music store, because I needed to buy a new string and find out how to replace the broken one. The salesman explained that it's not that hard, it happens from time to time and I will learn sooner or later. I didn't like the answer so I went to another music store. There the salesman offered to show me how to replace a broken string. And he did, he carefully explained while changing it. I bought some new strings from him and regularly go to his store to buy accessories and new guitars (I learn fast);

3. "You" - this is what you need to focus on - "You", not on "I". You, as a salesman, need to pay the bills, need to feel good at what you do, need to be the best, you need to make the sale. The customer doesn't care even a bit about that. He doesn't need to. While company policies and rules, and targets and recession might get to you and make you want to close the deal, you shouldn't get desperate. Focus on the needs of the customer and sale will happen. Don't think about what you need, think about what the customer needs;

4. "Emotions" - we all make decision based either on emotions or on rational thinking. When shopping, we tend to make decision best on the first one - emotions. You might disagree, and we would very much want to say you are right, because we too want to make shopping decision based on rational thinking, but if this was the case, than many of today's high profit brands shouldn't exist. How can you rationally justify the purchase of a luxury item? You can't.So, when making shopping decisions, most people rely on emotions. They just need to feel safer, more attractive, smarter, healthier. Make this work for you. 

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