10 Tips for Better Customer Service

Submitted 6/8/2012 by Level 2 Support

If you want your business to become more profitable you need to improve your customer service. The better customer service is the more loyal clients you will have. 

Here you can find some tips for better customer service:
  1. Respond immediately!
    This is very important. Try following this rule, because your customer have no time to wait for a response, especially when there is a problem for solving. Speed will gain you the customer's trust and respect.
  2. Keep your promises!
    Always do what you promised to do. Otherwise you will lose your customer trust and gaining it back will be much harder to achieve. The only way for a customer to become loyal is by keeping your word.
  3. Give more than expected!
    Do an extra service for your customer, send a birthday card, a thank you note. Bring your customer closer to you and and his loyalty will be granted.
  4. Search for a feedback!
    If there was a problem that a customer needed help with solving it and you provided that help, make sure that he is satisfied with the result. Do not stop providing assistance to your customer until he say he is satisfied.
  5. Put yourself in their shoes!
    If you want to evaluate your customer service you need to put yourself as a customer and see if you will be satisfied with the service you provide. If the answer is no then you will need improvement. Find your weak spots and fix them.
  6. Make customers feel important and appreciated!
    Be polite, always thank your customer for contacting you, use his name and treat him with respect. Make your customer feel comfortable communicating with you.
  7. Listen to your customers!
    Find out what your customer want and provide it. Don't assume you know what he want, but pay attention to what he say. Your customer may have interesting ideas even if he is not an expert.
  8. Don't make excuses!
    If problem occur don't blame it on the customer, the circumstances or something else. Just admit it and find a way of solving it, provide the needed help or assistance.
  9. Make sure you pick the right employees for customer service!
    To provide the best customer service you will need the right person for this difficult task. Select your employees carefully and provide them with the proper training.
  10. If you want to know exactly how good your company is, ask your customers!
    Find as many ways to get that kind of feedback as you can. Ask if they are satisfied or not, what can you improve and do better. Be thankful for their answers.