8 Customer Service Small Things That Make Big Impression pt.1

Submitted 6/18/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

The difference between good customer service and a bad customer experience comes down to the details. Believe it or not, most customers pay attention to small things and even if the agent found solution to their problem, the experience might not be good overall. So, let's check out some of those details that can turn things around for your customer service:

1. Remember the name of the customer - you'd be surprised how many customer service agents don't bother to remember the name of the customer calling or writing. Sure, they hear a lot of names in their work and communicate with a lot of customers, but still, this is inexcusable. The best practice is to write down the name of the customer, even if you are communicating with him face to face, because brains like visual reminders. However, there is a worse thing than forgetting a customer's name, and that's getting their name wrong. There are agents that still do it, even when communicating by email. Avoid such mistakes and things will be smoother;

2. Keep your desk clean - most of the time a pile of documents, paper and sticky notes on your desk sends the wrong message to a customer. You might think it says "Yes, I have a lot of projects, I can take up on a lot of work, I am pure awesomeness", but it actually says "Yes, I am unable to manage a workplace, let alone a project and also - I don't have time to do what you want". So, clean your desk. Leave only what you really need, and paper isn't one of those things, believe us;

3. Have additional seating places - believe it or not, people don't walk around alone all the time. Sometimes they pair to do things. So, having a single chair in front of your desk is not a smart move. Sure, you can fetch another chair from the other room, but that just takes time. Something your customers rarely have. So, put at least 2 chairs in front of your desk and you will be ok;

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