How to Drive Customers to Your Door

Submitted 10/30/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

One of the best ways to attract new customers is in fact inbound marketing. But if you still haven't adopted such an approach, we are here for you to give you some of the best tips on how to do it effectively:

1. Create continuity - wee are still living in a time when marketing means campaigns. What is bad about campaigns? The start and they end. They same follows the customer's interest - there is such only when there is a campaign. So, ditch the campaigns and create continuity - don't put time borders on you marketing, instead, if you want to make a promotion - make it permanent. Selling is not a thing you want to do just for a period of time, right? So why advertise the same way?

2. Go beyond content - inbound marketing has a lot to do with creating content, but automating the whole process and turning it into a soulless word building operation will get you nowhere. Instead, try and create a content that really matters. A content that is more than just words, a content that can make the reader feel a positive emotion. Add a humor, tell a story - keep things interesting and customers will be knocking on your doors soon enough;

3. Build your own audience - the traditional marketing is practically a way to rent an audience, while with inbound marketing you have the chance to create your own. Many businesses choose the right way, advertising the soul of their company, showing what they really are like, sharing content about the company which is interesting and funny. And when people start to show up, you will know that these are people that truly want to work with you or buy from you;

4. Measure everything - measuring is a vital part of inbound marketing so you need to do it as much as you can, and capitalize on it. When we say everything - we mean everything. Even small numbers can be important. For example, many companies measure in what hour there is a peak in their website's unique views, or which day is the best day for checking mail etc. The more the information - the bigger the chance for success;

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