4 Reasons Live Chat Has the Potential to Make Your Business Successful

Submitted 12/9/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Online shopping is on of the most convenient modern creations. It's fast and you don't even need to be in the store. But what happens when you have some questions that need to be answered now? You email the online store and wait for the reply, right? This is a good way to contact someone, but not the fastest one. This is where live chat comes, giving you the answers right away. But this isn't the only reason you need this feature:

1. It's convenient - more than half of the people shopping online claim that having their questions answered right away by a person via live chat is what makes them go back to the same online store over and over again. it provides immediate access to help. There are no prerecorded messages to navigate through and the waiting time is kept at minimum. nearly 44% of online shoppers claim that live chat is the most important feature in a web store and nearly 40% claim that they've made a purchase based on a conversation with a live chat employee;

2. It saves you money - your employees are able to handle multiple chats at the same time which leads to higher efficiency of your helpdesk and no need for hiring more customer service agents. They will spend less time on the phone, thus able to multitask and cut down the waiting queues. The average interaction costs drop, too.

3. It increases sales - in 2008, Wells Fargo successfully leveraged live chat to drive sales which resulted in higher customer satisfaction and double-digit increase in converted shoppers. Which, naturally, lead to higher sales. What happens is that customers have a person that can take them through the sale path, answering their questions and getting them over the point where they wonder if they should buy or not.

4. It takes you one step ahead of your competition - a recent study shows that there are more online stores without live chat than there are with. This means that a live chat support will give you an edge of your competition, as you will be able to contact with customers who spend a lot online. You can't provide a high-quality customer service without a good live chat solution.

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