Developing a Customer Service Plan

Submitted 12/13/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Most of the time, companies pay more attention to cashflows, numbers and everything else besides customer service which sometimes can give bad overall results. The thing is, if those companies actually take care for the customer service and the needs of their customers, the numbers will increase properly.

In order to do this, you need to develop a good customer service plan which will help provide a customer experience that will gain and retain customers. Here is how to do this in ..... easy steps:

1. Take a good understanding of your business - as any other business, yours is also build around happy customers. So this is your target that you need to aim for - happy customers. How to make customers happy? With good customer experience;

2. Find out what it takes to create the perfect customer service - eliminate all obstacles that prevent you from providing customers with the best customer experience. Train your employees well, make yourself and your customer service agents available in the most convenient hours of the day, maybe even create a position for someone to answers questions and provide customer service 24/7;

3. Find out what your customers need and want - if you don't know the needs of your customers it will be difficult to satisfy them, right? Make it possible for the clients to express their needs and find a way to collect feedback and other useful information about them - everything that will help you help them;

4. Learn from the best - identify the top companies in your industry. Follow their model of customer service, learn what they do right and implement it in your our business model;

5. Promise big and keep your promises - create a service guarantee that will make customers contact your company, Promise them that their problems will be solved in a certain time frame and if you fail - the company will compensate them in a certain way;

6. Evaluate - always track your progress. Evaluate every six months after implementing the plan, see how you compare to previous dates, use secret customers to keep things right. If there is no progress - check out the plan again, see what went wrong and what needs to be changed;

7. Train your employees - create a training program with an accent on the customer service. Reward high-performing customer service employees and always try to improve your customer service culture.

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