4 Great Examples of Social Media Customer Service

Submitted 11/8/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

We all know now that a big share of brands is on social media, but how much of them are actually doing a good job? Most of them don’t. Recent studies report that the quality of social media customer service actually dropped since last year with response time getting worse and conversations quantity getting lower. If you don’t want to be one of those companies and actually show good results – here are some examples of a good social media customer service:

1. Best  Buy – the electronics retailer developed a rather genius social media strategy by implementing customer service via Twitter, A system called “Twelpforce” allowed all employees to receive and respond to customer questions and queries. By “all” we mean – all departments. This helped customers get exactly to the point and get solutions without the frustration of being transferred to another department and repeating the problem all over again. It also became a hit with employees who could now exchange information over queries faster;

2. American Airlines – the troubled airlines company actually ranks pretty high when it comes to social devotion (attention to customers) taking the ninth spot in the chart, This is due to the what happened after Superstorm Sandy when the whole system of AA was on the brink of a shutdown. When this happened, the airlines turned their heads towards social media (Twitter in particular) and saved the day. From this day on, American Airlines use social media for customer service on regular basis;

3. Domino’s – after a viral video of two Domino’s employees mishandling a pizza, the brand received a social media-wide negative feedback. The company started a social media campaign through which they apologized to the masses and promised to make their products better. They even altered their pizza recipe. After the campaign, the sales of Domino’s went up with 14%, their stock price rocketed and the company has never looked better;

4. Dell – in 2010 the computer company opened up their social media command to all of their employees across all departments, training over 25 000 of them in the art of “social listening”. These employees monitor a giant number of mentions and opinions across social networks on 11 different languages.

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