How To Make Companies Buy From You

Submitted 7/4/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Business to business sales differ from the regular customer sales in many ways. If your business is B2B then you need to know the basic rules that a company follows when buying from another company. Think of them as conditions you need to create in order to attract companies to buy from you. Show them that you can:

1. Increase their profit - the single thing that keeps companies alive is profit. So, it is safe to assume it is the top priority of a company. Show other businesses that with your help they can increase their money flow coming from selling their products to their customers.

2. Reduce their costs - another thing that companies keep their eyes on is "the bottom line" (revenue minus the costs), so if you want to be more appealing to other businesses - show them that with your help they can decrease their costs (marketing, delivery, support etc.)

3. Reduce their risk - it is a normal thing for a company to be scared of the possibility of big PR problems or legal issues. You need to show them, that with your help they can reduce this risk and be more aware of potential legal penalties, fees or public relations disasters.

4. Improve their quality - the higher the quality of a product - the higher the customers' interest towards it. Businesses are quite aware of that, so you need to show them that with your help they can avoid potential errors in creating their product and optimize the creation process towards creating a high-quality products.

5. Increase their market share - most startups consider that building a market share is more important than most things (as high profits or low costs). You need to show them, that with your help they can increase their customer base quite fast.

6. Improve their delivery system - getting the end product in the hands of the customer can be a long journey sometimes. If this long journey is something common for a given company, you need to show hem, that with your help they can cut the delivery costs, speed up the process and can save a nice amount of money in canceled orders, charges etc.