5 Self-defeating Sales Strategies

Submitted 7/31/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

I have mentioned in previous articles how it is possible to drive a customer away with aggressive selling approach. The thing is, there are more than one sale tactics that will surely backfire and leave you without a customer. In this article we will pay attention to those strategies:

1. Thrash-talking your/their competition - things here have two sides - either the customer will think you just can't provide better or equal of quality product than your competitors, because you are getting to the last resort - the low blows, or if you diss the customer's competitors - it will be an obvious butt-kissing, which isn't something the average customer likes.

2. Loosing strong positions when negotiating - this might happen if you throw in some additional items or discounts when you clearly stated minutes ago that you don't make discounts. This will make the customer think of you as a scammer who is trying to trick him. Or worse - he will thing you lack any backbone.

3. Pitching a sale - the easiest way to make the client shut down is to pitch a sale to him (online or in person). Try to create a conversation, this is what will get you closer to the wanted sale.

4. Taking apathy for loyalty - it is very easy to assume customer loyalty or to mistake it for apathy. The thing is, apathy means only one thing - the customer is actively searching for a new vendor. Keep that in mind.

5. Don't keep information away - always give the whole information to the customer. Don't hide anything. If you thing that your product isn't right for that particular customer - explain it to him and don't chase the sale by any means. It is your duty to warn the customer if he is making a mistake.