8 Customer Service Small Things That Make Big Impression pt. 2

Submitted 6/18/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

4. Have comfortable seating (for your customers) - we know you spend most of your workday sitting in your office chair and that's why is should be a comfortable one, but the same is valid for the customers, so you need to have some comfy chairs for them in your office, too. Take a seat in one of the chairs that isn't your own and test it - is it squeaky? Does it breaks your spine slowly? Does it feel like it is going to break apart any second? If you answer "Yes" to even one of those questions - loose the chair and get a good one;

5. Have some quality pens - maybe you decided to cut corners with pens, maybe branded pens with your company's logo, telephone, website and a brief display of your best products on them are in fact a good idea, but having a pen that is out of ink is not good at all. There is nothing more frustrating for the customer (and you) to continuously scratch the contract with an empty pen. So, no matter how expensive the pens on your desk are - make sure they are full and working;

6. Add a personal touch to your workplace - sure, the desk must be clean and clutter free, but having a single piece of memorabilia or a picture with the family will show to your customers that you actually are a human being with hobbies and maybe a sense of humor. Moreover, a university picture or a Star Wars wobble head are sometimes a great conversation starters and can elevate the communication to a more personal level. Which will grant you a sale;

7. Take notes while customers speak - jotting down notes on a notepad while your customer is explaining what exactly he wants from you and your company is the best way to say "Yes, You are a high priority to my company and I do care about every single detail". You don't even have to write down actual things (although it is better you do if there is something important), it's just a nice gesture that shows that you want to understand the problem and follow up on it;

8. Verify your actions - when the meeting or call is finished, don't just shake hands with the customer and show them the door, instead - explain in a full detail what actions you are going to take next on their problem and ask for their confirmation on every step of the plan. This way, the customer will know that the meeting (or call, or email) has been effective and that things are going in the right direction for them.

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