4 Things You Need to Forget When Advertising on Facebook

Submitted 10/11/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Nowadays, Facebook is the ultimate advertising tool. Every single business is there, talking to customers, advertising new products and services, creating competitions and sweepstakes. It is a normal thing. However, most businesses aren't doing quite good when it comes to Facebook. Errors are made with every post, customers quit using companies etc. Here are the top 5 mistakes businesses do on Facebook. Remember, don't repeat them...

1. Anticipating immediate success - I don't know how this happened, but most business owners and managers expect thousands of fans to like their Facebook page the second they create it, just because the brand is now social. Things don't work like that. Did you make a fortune on the second day of creating your business? No, you didn't. Same thing goes for social media (and FB in particular) - it takes time. First of all, you will need to prove that yours is the official brand fan page, then you need to post interesting content and speak with your customers. If you keep doing this for a long time, fans will eventually accumulate, but it is definitely not a two days work;

2. Being a company robot - if you own a small business or you are a freelancer it is a good idea to put some personal touch to your posts. Don't just make noise about your brand or company, instead, make things personal, share something about yourself - a hobby, pets etc. People tend to speak more when they have conversation with other people (yes :) ), so put yourself out there, show them you are human;

3. Posting and disappearing - as I said, people love to talk. And on Facebook, they will talk even more. About companies, that is. So, if you want to be on the right side of the conversation - you need to get in. Monitor your posts, see if people respond to them and if they do - keep the conversation alive, listen to them, collect feedback. If you just post and then neglect the consequences fans will get bored soon and will leave your page;

4. Posting about religion and/or politics - Facebook is a place where different people meet each day. They have different religions, different political points of view, different opinions. If you want to share your opinion on religion and politics, you should know that some people will be offended by it. No one says you shouldn't believe in something or have an opinion, but if you want a successful FB page - keep the religious and political ones to yourself. 

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