12 of the Worst Customer Service Answers pt.2

Submitted 3/13/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

7. At Books-A-Million, a woman approaches he service clerk with the title of a children's book she is looking for. The clerk checks the name of the book and waves her hand towards the children's book section without saying anything. The woman heads to the section and overhears the clerk saying to one of her colleagues "She didn't even try to find it by herself, can you believe that!";

8. At Rite Aid pharmacy, a man waits for a refill of his prescription medicine. He put e refill request two weeks prior. The woman on the counter explains that he can't get a refill on one of his medications and that he can get it in two weeks. The man politely explains that he is out of the medicine for two weeks now. The woman goes behind the curtains for 5 minutes and brings his meds with grumpy face, without explaining why she rejected the refill the first time;

9. A man waits for a cup of coffee at McDonald's. After 15 minutes his order is taken along with two more. After another 10 minutes he receives a cup for the coffee, but when he tries to use the coffee urn it appears to be empty. After another 10 minutes, he is finally able to speak to an employee and explains that the coffee urn is empty. They fill his cup from the kitchen and when he takes a sip he realizes he is drinking a nasty mix of instant coffee and tea;

10. A woman buys a pair of shoes for her small son. When she gets to the cashier to pay for them, they rang up for $10, while the price tag from where she took them said $8. The cashier doesn't bother to check the price out and decides to argue with the customer. The woman backs up and pays $10 for the shoes. Later, at home, when she takes them out of the box, she sees that the price tag on them also says $8. On the next day, she goes back to the store and shows the price tag to the same cashier. He refuses to help her;

11. At SubWay, a woman goes to get some donuts and some soup. When the clerk takes her order she tells her "You need to slim down. Get some subs instead of those donuts";

12. When a woman's mother passes away, she takes her clothes (which she never put on and are still with the tags on) to the store that she purchased them from, to try and return them. The clerk explains that in order to return them, her mother needs to bring the receipts. The woman tells the clerk that her mother passed away 1-2 days ago. The clerk answers "Well, you don't seem to be sad about it";

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