12 of the Worst Customer Service Answers pt.1

Submitted 3/12/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

1. A customer tries to get some additional information from a local cable company about the bill he pays, because there is no explanation on it about the additional channels. The customer service agent can't explain clearly which are the additional channels included in the Extended Package. The customer asks politely to connect him with another agent, who has more information on he subject. The current agent replies "You are stupid" and hangs up;

2. At a grocery store, a man asks about the cinnamon rolls that are showcased. The nearest employee explains to the customer that the rolls are very fattening and he should avoid them, since he is already obese

3. When a man buys 12 laptops from a company and finds out that they would not power on, he contacts the customer service of the said company. The agent surprises him with the question "What do you want me to o about it?" and when asked again, he goes even further, explaining that he can't troubleshoot the laptops, because they are not switched on, and the are not switched on, because the customer did something to them;

4. A pharmacy rep refuses to authorize one of the meds of a customer. When he explains to the rep that he has been waiting 2 weeks for the medicine and what happens when he doesn't take it, the rep answers "Well, maybe you should check with you doctor about these symptoms";

5. When a man's father passes away, he calls the credit card company to cancel his account. He explains the situation to the rep and asks him to start the process of canceling the account. The rep says that he needs to talk to the father. The customer explains again, that his father passed away, but the rep insists on talking with him;

6. A customer looses the signal of his cable service for three days. When he calls the company, explains the situation and demands that he should be credited for the past three days, the agent answers "We cant do that, do you know what will happen if we credited everyone for the past three days?

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