3 Old School Bazaar Selling Tips

Submitted 10/8/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Have you ever been to a bazaar? If you have been - you know what I am talking about. If you haven't been - it is an awesome place where selling and buying happens every second, all the time. And as a place with its own rules and own live, there are lessons we can learn. Particularly about selling.

1. Be interesting - the bazaar is a place where no product is unique (not by itself, but as a type of product). Most of the times you will see a nice keychain (for example) and if you walk a little more or you check out the next shop - you will find the same keychain there, too. What I a trying to say is that the bazaar is a place of great competition. And when the competition is big, you need to stand out. You need to be interesting. You need to add some humor to the deal. If you take a walk around the bazaar you will hear many vendors approaching you with lines taken directly from a comic show, trying to get your attention - "You walk like you need some new shoes, mister!" or "I heard your wallet speaking, it wants you to buy my products!". Ok, so maybe not the best humor around, but it will still get your attention. But, how can you implement this in you business? It's easy - be interesting, try to import a dose of humor in the conversation. It is an easy way to break down barriers between you and the buyer and it will get you one step closer to closing the deal;

2. The Display - as I've said before, the bazaar is a place of selling and buying. It is also a place of beautiful products, colors and, well, smells... The vendors take a great amount of time to make sure their best and most beautiful looking products are displayed the proper way and everyone crossing can see them. It's some kind of an art. The vendor needs you to see what he offers, to get your attention, even if it means stopping for a few seconds to check out a t-shirt or the price of a just baked cinnamon bun. Few seconds are enough for him to start the conversation and close the deal. Keep this in mind the next time you organize your company's website - don't clutter the homepage with dozens of products, instead, showcase the best of what you've got;

3. Reward personal information - a common practice when strolling down the bazaar is to get surrounded by vendors and shop owners asking you where are you from and what do you do for a living. It might sound as a simple question and the reward is a small piece of information, but is actually a big thing for a vendor. Based on the information received they will show you different products, give you different privileges and even different prices not shown on the price tags. You can use this system to reward your clients if they share some personal information with you - discounts, privileges, exclusive content etc. it can also help you to tailor your services depending on the customer.

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