4 Customer Service Tips That Can Make The Difference For Your Business

Submitted 4/16/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev


Till now, you've probably realized the benefits of a SaaS helpdesk. However, the good customer experience doesn't exist only in the virtual reality, it also needs to exist outside of it. Here are a few tips taken straight from other companies providing one of the best customer experience. Try to find a way to incorporate them in the way you make business, and they might make the difference:


1. Make it easy - make your website user friendly. Make it easy for the user to become a member of the website, to sign up and log in quickly. Create different opportunities for the customers. A good idea is an application which gives them the option to check out which are the nearest offices/stores and if they are open or closed. Always try to collect feedback on how the customer feels when visiting your store/office/website;


2. No waiting - customer hate waiting. If your business needs to have a waiting area - make it airy, light space with an employee open for questions. There is nothing more frustrating than entering a waiting area decorated in bad taste, with bunch of old magazines on the table and an employee behind a glass wall.


3. Don't rush it - be friendly and don't rush things so you can get the customer out of your hair. Take your time and make them feel special. A good practice is to keep an account of every customer where you can document their consultations or anything else which you feel might be useful in predicting their needs or finding the best thing for them. Of course, if it's possible in your business.


4. The follow-up - always ask the customers if they are happy with their shopping at your store, or if they are satisfied with your service. If they buy your product - wait for a couple of days, then send them an email asking if they are satisfied with it and if you can be of any other help related to it.