3 Ways To Not Repell Customer From Buying

Submitted 7/24/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

 Do you think you have made it easy for a customer to purchase your products? Are you sure?

The world of business is a very dynamic place, where things change all the time. Mostly, because of the buyers. They demand different things and it is up to you as a salesman to provide. that is if you are looking for a profit, of course. Nowadays, customers need to be assisted and educated and not directly sold. You need to understand this dynamic if you don't want to create additional barriers between you and the customers. Don't discourage them from buying.

1. Forget about the aggressive type of selling - it is a logical thing to hire the most energetic person out there who can give tons of information to the customer and act like the sale is already done. The history knows many stories in which the salesperson is rushed and with the everything-I-give-you-is-exactly-what-you-need attitude, which can be off-putting and can cast away even the most loyal customers. Avoid such tendencies. The salespersons has to give the right information at the right time and assist the customer in every way, without being aggressive and annoying.

2. Make it easy to buy - you won't believe how many websites and online stores make it hard for customers to buy anything. It is either too many steps towards buying or too difficult to navigate throughout the whole website. Sometimes it is impossible to find the thing that you need. It should be easy. It should be the easiest thing on the world. If you own an online store - make the buying part in two steps. Maybe three. Every additional step will annoy the customer and he might even change his mind in the middle of the process.

3. Give exact and detailed answers right away - in the era of the social medias, when a customer wants to buy something he asks his friends about it or search additional information online. He doesn't contact the company to ask. But when he can't find the needed information or some part of it, he will contact the company with specific questions. Specific questions need specific answers. "I don't know" and "I will contact you later" are not such answers. To avoid that, more and more companies start to bring their salesmen up from technical areas, so they can be prepared with all the information about the product. About the "right away" part - a good customer service help desk is a must. This is where we help :).