4 Easy Ways To Drive Customers Away (Which You Should Avoid)

Submitted 6/20/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Connecting with the customer is the key to profit. You should've known this by now. The thing is, the relationship you have with your clients is something extremely fragile and it can be broken very easy if you go on and do something dumb. What can you do wrong? Well, here are 4 things you can easily do to alienate a customer:

1. Comment negatively on the competition - while it might be tempting to thrash-talk your competitors in front of your client, keep in mind that customers tend to frown upon such acts. People find this quite disrespectful and straight forward unprofessional. Instead of thrash-talk, try speaking about the unique things your product offers in comparison with competitors. For example: "Studies show that our product gives better results than other products in this industry".

2. Accept last-minute absurd demands - surprise demands are something you will stumble upon, sooner or later. You think you've closed the deal, when suddenly the customer strikes with a new demand (which is absurd) and tells you that if you do not accept it - the deal is off. Don't cave in. If you do, the customer will think you are not trustworthy, trying to play him by not offering the best you can from the start. Instead, you just can be honest and offer the best you can from the beginning. If a surprise demand shows up - just say no.

3. Get into "sales mode" - yes, your aim is to sale your product, but try not to become a robot who gives sales pitch after sales pitch. Customers will get disconnected once you start telling them that your product is the best thing the universe has to offer. Instead, speak with the customers, find out what their needs are and show them how your product might satisfy their needs.

4. Become apathetic - getting customer apathy mistaken for customer loyalty is something very common. Working with a customer for a long time might make you think you've got him for eternity, but things don't work the same way for him. Don't become complacent. Instead, connect on a regular basis with the customers, ask them if they need something or what they like or don't like about your product.

See. It's easy. So, don't.