3 Ways To Drive a Customer Mad

Submitted 1/31/2013 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Now, on the road to success there are many ways to screw up, and most of them are by pissing off you customers. It’s unforgivable nowadays, since there are many ways to contact customers (and vice-verse) and many possibilities for customers to choose from (you are not the only one on the market, my friend). Still, many companies make mistakes that are surefire ways to make clients go away. Let’s check out some of the mistakes that are most common and most likely to drive your customers mad:

  1. Waist your customer’s time – a customer spending precious time on the phone or waiting for a mail response is not a good idea. Listen carefully and find solutions as fast as possible. Automate whatever part of finding a solution is possible. Helping customers with their problems fast is a legit step ahead of competition. But if you fail to do so – just watch how the situation escalates and be ready to calm down a very angry customer.
  2. Get angry with the customer – yes, customers might be little hard on you when they have problems with your company’s product, but being rude to them will just burry you down more. To not do this – you need calm customer employees, who can bite their tongue when needed and can mellow down a client. And can solve his problems, of course…
  3. No feedback possibility – in the days of social media, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In it has never been easier for a company to receive feedback from its customers. Always find a way to give the customer a way to give feedback for your company. Believe me, they have things to say. And the possibility for feedback is just the beginning – read in the customer’s opinions and draw conclusions – surefire way to succeed.