Customer Service Trends pt.1

Submitted 9/11/2012 by Level 2 Support

Treating customers as individuals is one of the main steps you need to take on the road to success. But when it comes to this, you need to know the newest trends. Here are some of them:

1. Value-based buying – showing off isn’t part of the agenda for the customers when it
comes to purchasing high-priced goods anymore. Big screen TVs or other expensive
hi-tech gadgets may have responded to customer’s needs, but now they are more
likely to pay for this stuff if they know that the purchase will have attached meaning.
Attached meaning means that customers are more willing to pay five dollars for a cup
of tea, if they know that part of these five dollars goes to help saving the rainforests or
any other charity campaign. That, actually, is one very nice trend, because paying for
overpriced goods get justified.
2. Empowerment of the customers – “the customer is always right” isn’t just a sign
below the local store’s doorbell anymore. Clients are feeling empowered by
companies and demand respect, they demand easy access to your company’s customer
service, they demand fast answers and solutions. The best thing to do is to respect their
empowerment, because like it or not – there will be feedback. It doesn’t matter will
it be in the form of a mail or letter to the executive or, in the most recent cases, angry
comments and reviews on the company’s social media profiles. It’s simple – let’s say
your company’s Facebook fan page has 10 000 fans. If one of them is treated unfair
and writes a complaint on the fan page’s wall, it will be seen by at least 10% of the
fans, which is 1000 customers. The word in the social media spreads fast and this is
where the customers empowerment comes from. So, respond to your customers and
treat them well.
3. Instant Information – getting fast and exact information is even vital nowadays.
People rely more and more on their mobile devices for such information, than calling
a customer service or even asking the store’s clerk. There are multiple websites and
services that give you aggregated and exact information on everything no matter what
you are looking for whether it is the best restaurant within walking distance or the
type of jacket best matching these trousers. Responding to this customers’ urge isn’t
something difficult – treat them as individuals and remember what information they
most need and look for and give them easy access to it.