Things To Look For In a SaaS Help Desk

Submitted 8/13/2012 by Level 2 Support

It may seems like a fairly simple task, but choosing the right cloud-based help desk for your business can get quite tricky when you are presented with more than one option. So, what are the things you need to look for? Here you go:

  1. Simple pricing scheme – the simplest model to follow these days is the tiered pricing, which shows you exactly how much and what features you will get for the price you pay which is he simplest way to budget for. Of course, there are many other schemes like “per agent per month” or such which calculate the price depending on the workload or the time spent using the Help Desk, but those types of pricing can be tough to follow and budget for. It’s best to look for a pricing type that best fits your company, but knowing the exact price you need to pay at the end of every month and the exact features you receive for it is quite comfortable budget wise.
  2. Customization – the seamless transition from your corporate website to your service solution often means a better state of mind for your customers when they need to communicate with your agents and ask their questions. A good SaaS help desk allows you to put your own brand, logo and colors in your customer service interface – a design that will best match your website. Furthermore, a small but very needed customization option is the one that gives you the chance to add your own company name to the domain where your online helpdesk is.
  3. Statistics – the perfect SaaS help desk should always provide its customers with statistics and information about the effectiveness of customer support. The ability to see trends and point-in-time reports is as important (if not even more) as all other features of the cloud-based help desk put together. Make them easy to find and follow and you have a nice and effective help desk at your possession. Furthermore, an option to integrate with Google Analytics can give you even deeper look and understanding of your customers and clients.