When customer service goes funny pt.2

Submitted 6/22/2012 by Level 2 Support

At the first part of our article about the funny side of the customer service we showed you ten examples of how complains can be entertaining above all. Now, we continue with part 2. Have fun:

1. After receiving a complain about bad screen of a laptop, the tech support goes to the place and finds out it has a big crack right in the middle of the screen. After a few minutes of conversation with the lady who called them, they find out she tried to crack open a pistachio nut using her laptop as a hammer;
2. At the technical helpdesk, the customer service representative is helping a client to install a software. As a part of the procedure, the client is asked to close all the windows on the desktop. After a few seconds of silence, the customer replies that only his bathroom’s window was open, so he closed it.
3. A couple spend two weeks in Marmaris, Turkey, complained that there were too many English people, and the only reason they went there or their vacation was to experience a more exotic kind of atmosphere. 
4. An airline company received a complain from a young man, who stated that he wasn’t warned that he couldn’t be able to pass the time of the flight making phonecalls.
5. A customer at a fast food drive-by demands a full refund and extras after the employee drops the bag with his meal on the floor. The employee drops the meal in shock after seeing the customer hitting her car with his car door leaving a big dent;
6. A German local pleaded a case at the local court demanding a compensation for a spoiled vacation. By their words there were too many locals on the beach they visited.
7. A woman filed a complain stating that the staff at the hotel she visited forced her to stay in her room for several days. After some digging the court find out she had mistaken the “Do not disturb” door sign for “Do not leave” sign.
8. A customer complained that he can’t enter his online profile because it says his username is wrong. After the tech support spells out the username, the customer asks politely if they mean the number “zero” or the letter “zero”.