Four tips on how to keep customer satisfied

Submitted 5/30/2012 by Level 2 Support

Customer satisfaction is a term defined as the number of customers, whose reported experience with a company exceeds specified satisfaction goals. The foundation of every successful business are the satisfied customers. Therefore it is very important to understand them, meet their needs and form a close working relationship with them. Customer support is a critical factor on which depends most of the customer satisfaction. Here are a few tips on how to make your clients feel valued and needed:

  1. Meet in person – face-to-face interactions are always a really nice way to show you value your customers enough to share a meeting with them. Most of the clients and people overall find it easier to work with people they have seen in person, rather than just a voice they hear through the phone. Try to meet in person with clients whenever possible and show your appreciation – ask them for a feedback, what are the things they most like or do not like, what they need in terms of business relationship. Showing your customer that you are truly interested in him will take you a long way and will solidify your relationship with him.
  2. Prompt replies and information – another easy but effective way to keep your customers happy is to respond quickly on their mails and calls. Even if their problem needs more time to be solved, a quick mail or a call just to inform the client that you received his query is enough to keep him calm and knowing that you value him as a customer. Keep the client informed with all the steps you take on solving his problem (if possible) and on the time needed for solving.
  3. Customer service policy – one of the things that is overlooked by the most startup companies. A good customer service policy gives answer to every question a customer can have for you products and also makes it a lot easier for both the clients and the employees to handle a difficult situation. Your customers should always know who to call when they have a problem and what to expect as a needed information for solving the problem.
  4. Keep your promises – the greatest trust builder of them all – giving a promise and keeping it afterwards. Whether it is about solving a problem or a project deadline – always try to deliver. Sometimes, things fail for reasons out of your company’s jurisdiction – apologizing and assuring the customer things will be done as soon as possible is a must. 
Always ask yourself what would you expect from a company’s customer service if you are their customer and try to implement the things you expect into your own company. Treat customers like friends and they will be happy.