Tips on engaging customers

Submitted 5/23/2012 by Level 2 Support

If the business you develop is related to communication with customers, then you need to know how to engage them and keep communicating with them properly. This is essential, because it will bring you more loyal customers and of course better financial results.

All you need is to follow the following rules:
  1. Be honest - this is essential because transparency will provide you with admiration of the clients and you will gain their trust. Note that humans are social creatures and will share experiences with the rest of their environment, and that may win you new customers.
  2. Time is money - stick strictly to this rule. The less time you lose to your customer, the more satisfied he remains. Follow this rule to yourself, because your time worth money and it doesn’t deserve to be lost. Applying this rule will maximize effectiveness of your efforts.
  3. Be the benefit of the customer - this means to explore the needs of your customers and to apply this to your service. It is important to meet the needs and expectations of your customers, because this will bring more greater profitability. Always offer the customer the best of what he needs.
  4. Always be polite. Good attitude to your customers, despite theirs is important. This does not means to settle for any mean attitude of your customers. Pleasant attitude will remove barriers to communicating with your customers and they will feel more comfortable, which will predispose them to choose your product or service.
  5. Tell your customers what you’ll do for them. If your product has defects or imperfections don’t hide them and show your clients that you will taken actions to remedy and improve your service. This will show your customers that you are interested in their satisfaction and will win their respect.
  6. Keep your promises. This is absolutely necessary. No need to list the benefits, because they are many, but it is important to know that if for any circumstances you can’t keep deadline or an agreement, it must first tell your client to renegotiate new terms, duration, etc.
Compliance with all these rules will significantly improve the quality of your service and will bring many new customers who will eventually become loyal. Remember that people share and one unsatisfied customer can tell average of 20 people from his entourage for this.