Search by name or ticket # [DONE]

Submitted 7/23/2010 by David Barr

Need to search by # or text in ticket


Devon Edwards: 

Yes, please fix this issue... It would be nice to type in the support ticket number and pull up the info using that. but it does not work at all..Also another bug that Ive noticed is that is if you search for the ticket number with a "#" symbol in front of it.  for example if I searched  " # 307165" it would return the page with an internal server error... Kinda weird... please fix



8/29/2010 9:38:30 AM +03:00
Carlos Hern├índez: 

Good idea, I need to search by ticket numer too. 

3/21/2011 11:48:15 PM +02:00

can we search by ticket number yet? as i tested, a ticket can be searched by anything but not ticket number... it will be harder to search for a ticket as the number of ticket grows.

or are there any way to perform an extact search?

6/12/2011 12:02:02 PM +03:00
Level 2 Support: 

Search by ticket number is supported. For example searching for "#123" will directly open the ticket with that id

6/16/2011 2:37:56 PM +03:00