Close ticket via e-mail

Submitted 2/12/2013 by Larry Steinke

I find it much easier to update tickets via e-mail. Unfortunately that does not close the tickets.  It would be great if there was a code-based way to close tickets in much the same way you can manage twitter subscriptions via a text reply.  For example, if the first word in a message body was *Close* the system would close the case and append any remain message body into the body of the ticket.


Level 2 Support: 

You can easily create a ticket rule for this. It should be something like this:

Rule trigger: Ticket comment is posted

Rule conditions: 
  - Ticket updater equal to [.. you ..]
  - Comment text contains [.. enter your trigger word here ..]

Rule actions:
  - Set status to Closed

2/13/2013 1:20:21 PM +02:00