Assign ticket through gmail or email client

Submitted 9/29/2012 by nathania

Is there a way for an administrator to assign tickets to an agent from inside the Gmail interface? Meaning if as an administrator, I get a notification email that a ticket has been created, can I type a command or somehow assign that ticket to one of my agents without having to enter the estreamdesk interface to assign it there? If so, how? thank you!


Level 2 Support: 

You could respond to the ticket and use "Ticket Rules" to assign the ticket based on your reply content. Your rule could look like this for example:


Rule trigger: Ticket comment is posted

Rule condition: Ticket updater equal to [-- your administrative account--]

Rule condition: Comment text contains "[ASSIGN TO George]"

Rule action: Assign to [George]

9/30/2012 10:38:18 AM +03:00