5 Ways to Increase Sales

Submitted 6/12/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Any normal functioning business seeks more sales. A rule of thumb is that the more customers a company has, the more sales it makes. A rule that clearly states that you have to concentrate on attracting new clients and expanding your business as a whole. How to do this? Let us give you some tips:

1. Spend more time selling - managing a successful business is a process formed by many different operations which are vital for its functioning. Selling is just a part of those operations and often it doesn't get the effective time it needs, because that time is invested in other operations, which most of the time can be annoying. That's why, you should create more time for selling or at least assemble a team of employees that can be a selling team;

2. Don't push your product, help people - let's make things clear, we are not talking about quitting sales and giving yourself to charity. Start treating selling as doing customers a favor. Endless persuasion and denying all objections doesn't mean selling, instead - offer the customer a solution to his problems;

3. Explaining isn't selling - one of the most frequent mistakes in selling a product is that the seller just lists all good sides of his product, expecting to seal the deal after his endless pleading. Instead, focus on those product features that can solve a particular problem of the particular customer;

4. Refresh you leads list - leads generation is a hard process with a result that almost never surpasses expectations, moreover - often the result is disappointing. Especially when the list is outdated. But if you take your time reviewing the list, just to check out which leads are current and which are outdated or doesn't exist anymore, you can make the first step towards the acquisition of new customers and expansion of your business;

5. Focus on the right people - make sure that you speak to people that can make decisions and not just "gatekeepers". When you contact a decision maker - keep in touch with him through the whole selling cycle and contact him regularly to check if he needs something that your company can provide.

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