10 Ways to Attract New Clients pt.2

Submitted 6/6/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

6. Promotions - one of the oldest and at the same time - one of the most effective ways to attract new customers. An easy to setup promotion, which lets users use your product or service for free or free for a period of time always creates possibilities for expansion of your market share;

7. References - regardless how good your advertising is or the message you want your potential customers to receive, they will always rely more on the references of another customer who used or is currently using your products or services. To make this work for you, create a system that lets your customers leave references easy and fast. It could be a book of praise at the entrance of your store or a special pane for references in your online store - the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. but most importantly - place the references there, where they will be seen by other people;

8. Better customer service - one of the underestimated tools for acquiring new clients is the good customer service. Respect and the timely, effective solution can help not just about maintaining the loyalty of your current customers, but also to attract new customers who had bad experience with rude customer service agents in other companies. One of the ways to improve your customer service is to start using a professional ticketing system. Hint: eStreamDesk is perfect for the job;

9. Diversify your marketing - create an extensive marketing strategy that includes multiple channels for advertising - social media, tv and radio ads, outdoor and press ads, email marketing etc. Monitor the effectiveness of the different channels and discard the ineffective ones or add additional if you find the useful for your business;

10. Diversify your assortment - the key to the successful business expansion by assortment diversification is similarity. Focus on customer needs that are somehow related to your product or service, or on market segments that are close to yours. For example, a store for beautiful paintings can sell beautiful handmade frames, too. Or, if you have a furniture store, maybe a transport service is a good idea. 

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