10 Ways to Attract New Clients pt.1

Submitted 5/30/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

There is one and only major concern fore every human being that runs a business - how to make more sales. The traditional way is simple - by attracting new customers, However, what is not so simple is the way to attract them. But this is why we are here. We'll show you the way. Even more, we'll show you 10 ways:

1. Giveaway - truth is, people like free stuff, even if it's not something they need, because it is completely normal to be scared of wrong costs. But when there is no cost at all we are ready to get certain things. The appetite comes with eating. Giveaway samples of your product or make your service free for a short period of time. Let your potential customers try your product and service and soon enough they will become real customers;

2. Create and event - socially oriented events (with topical cause) are always a place where potential customers and sponsors can get to know you, your business and your products or services;

3. Expand your market - there are a lot of ways to expand your business and reach new clients, geographically speaking. The most obvious one is by opening an office or store in new cities, or even virtually - online stores are a great way to reach new customers, especially if your business is local only. Franchising is also a way - if your business allows for you to create a system for its successful replication, maybe it is time to turn your head towards this type of expansion;

4. Organize a competition - a competition with a big prize is always something interesting for potential customers (and current ones). Create a competition that is easy to participate in and everyone can follow the rules and put a big prize - a free product or service of yours. After the end of it, contact the people that took part but didn't win the grand prize and make them an offer with a discount. New customers guaranteed;

5. Be social - like it or not, people use social medias to communicate with one another. So, it is not a surprise that there is the place to search for new customers. But only being there is not a job well done, because you need to be active. Share content, post pictures and videos, ask questions, communicate with your fans/followers and most important of all - give them the information they need and help them when they have a problem that concerns you. Because social networks are not only a great marketing tool, they are also the perfect place to provide a good customer service.

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