15 Skills Every Customer Service Employee Should Have pt.3

Submitted 5/16/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

11. Read the customer - the thing with the customer service agents is that they rarely see their customers face to face. Most of the time they communicate with clients over the phone, chat or email. This makes it hard for them to be able to "read" between the lines, to "read" the customer. However, the good customer service agent has the skill to do this without actually being in the same room as the client. By being able to read the customer's emotional state, patience level, current mood and with just a bit of human psychology knowledge, the customer agent can avoid misreading a customer and the subsequent mistakes from it;

12. Goal oriented - most companies believe that employees become goal oriented when they receive awards for goal completion and that is a true assumption in a way. However, there are actually people that like to reach their goals no matter what company reward they receive. Actually, the biggest reward they get is completing the goal. So, the good customer service agent has the "go-to" skill that can make him do anything to help a customer;

13. Persuasion - while we are not talking about using the force to persuade customers that "this is the product you're looking for" there are situations where this skill comes in handy. Most companies that have their email written on their websites often receive messages from potential customers that show curiosity in their product. The experienced customer service agent will recognize this as a possibility to make a sale. And while pitching in situations like these is walking on a thin ice, the expert will be able to keep the interest of the customer alive. You don't want to miss opportunities for new clients just because no one can create and send the right message;

14. Positive closing - this is all about leaving the customer with a feeling of satisfaction. Most of the problems regarding customer support are based on skipping through customers as fast as one can. Yes, it is important to take the call fast and get things done as soon as possible, but did you listen carefully? Did you her all of the customer's problems? It is so frustrating for a customer to get booted without him explaining all the problems with the product. The good customer service agent will always wait for the customer to hang up when he explained all of his problems, asked all of his questions and is assured that his problems will be taken care of;

15. Attentiveness - this is one of the most important skills a customer agent should have. Being able to listen carefully what the customer has to say is of a vital importance to the customer service profession. Most customers don't have the technical knowledge to explain thoroughly what is the problem with their product (especially if the product is a software or computer oriented). So, the customer agent should listen carefully and pay attention to every detail the customer gives, so he can find out the reason for the problem.

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