15 Skills Every Customer Service Employee Should Have pt.2

Submitted 5/15/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

6. Deep knowledge of the product - this one you should develop day after day. The best customer service agents have a very deep knowledge of the product of their company. Not just minor details or how to use it properly, we talking about tech stuff and tips and tricks. Everything. Knowing it all enables you to find solutions faster, without having to ask another department for help (not that you shouldn't if you have to, but knowing the answer is faster). Also, you will feel more comfortable working on your position, knowing that you can answer to 99% (there is always 1% chance that a customer will wow you with a question) of customers' enquiries. So, read every specification, try things, ask other departments. Get your knowledge on;

7. Aaaaand... scene! - so, you think every customer has a soft spot and that soft spot is called "solution to his/hers problem"? Meet the born complainer guy - he complains all the time, can not be satisfied and has a myriad of problems. How to make things right? Act it out. yes. There will always be another customer that just wants to make your day miserable (let's not lie to ourselves here, there are such people), but the good customer service employee will put their acting skill on and will remain positive and cheery, despite the frustration;

8. Surprise, surprise - remember when I told you before that there is 1%  chance a customer will wow you with a question no matter how deep your knowledge of the product is? Good customer service agents are ready for those surprise situations. It might be a question for something out of your jurisdiction or a question that has nothing to do with the product or the company, sometimes it's not even a question. Create guidelines for such situations. You can't predict the future and it's even harder to predict the customers, but make sure you know where to look for help when someone throws you a curveball;

9. Tenacity - when it comes to providing customer service, one needs to have the willingness to do what needs to be done and not take any shortcuts to it. The good customer service agent always has the will to do what he has to do and not cheat the customer with lazy service. If you are ready to do anything (possible) to help a customer out you will be rewarded greatly. But skipping procedures and not looking into details is a thing that good customer service agents don't do;

10. Seeking improvement - one of the general skills a customer agent should have - the willingness to learn. You might think you are good at your job, but if you think that there is nothing else you can learn about it, well, you might not be that good. Especially when it comes to customer service, there are always points where you can focus more. Invest more in your skills and you won't get left behind by the people that actually seek improvement.

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