3 Easy Tips for a Seamless Customer Service

Submitted 4/24/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

People work very hard for their money. This includes you, your customers and everyone else. So it's not a big surprise that people want to spend those hard earned money on things of good quality. The product or service you provide is not excluded. So, when people pay for your product or service, they expect a certain quality from it and from the customer service. By giving you their money, they receive a promise that they will be treated good and with respect. No one pays money for something less, believe me. In case you didn't understand, you owe your customers respect. How to give it to them - with the perfect customer service. What is the perfect customer service? The seamless. Here is how to achieve it:

1. Respond immediately - there are times in the life of a customer service agent when he/she will have to communicate with an angry customer. Let's hope this type of customers are something rare for your company. However, when this happens you need to act quickly and respond immediately. So, if you feel even the tiniest tremor - jump on the problem and find a solution as quickly as possible. Nothing calms down an angry customer better than the quick solution;

2. You can't help? Find someone who can - there are many people on this world and they're all different. Their problems are also different. You might think you have the best knowledge base out there and it covers all the problems that can appear when someone uses your product/service, but customers will prove you wrong. On many occasions clients will call with problems that can trouble even the most experienced customer service agent. But the experienced customer service agents know that if they can't give adequate answer or solution to a customer's problem, they can find someone who can - supervisor, employee from another department or another agent;

3. Bring personal touch - even if you transfer the customer to another team member, you already have him on your watch and he is your responsibility. Give him a call and ask if everything is ok and if he is happy with the service your teammate provided. Yes, it might seem like an irritating thing - two agents to call one customer, but it will make him feel appreciated and respected. It will make him feel like the whole company works for his happiness. Which is exactly how it needs to be.

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