3 Benefits From Using Social Media

Submitted 4/17/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Social media is the perfect place to connect with your customers on daily basis. However, recent reports state that most of the companies on social media use it to try and acquire new customers instead of connecting with existing ones. Why does it sound like it's a mistake? Because studies and professionals show that if you take care of your existing customers on social networks, new customers will come by themselves. Why? Because mouth to mouth marketing. So, let's get back to basics and see what are some of the benefits of connecting to your existing customers on social medias:

1. Observation - on social media, you can actually see how your customers interact with your brand. You can see what they need, what they want from your products and services. Its the place where you receive priceless feedback, so much needed for the evolution of your product. Most people on social media will speak freely of and with your company and will interact with other people to exchange ideas and experiences. All of those people are potential customers which you can turn into existing customers just by providing good customer service;

2. Promotion - if you need to move some inventory quickly you can create a promotion on Facebook or Twitter and activate your customers. However, some marketers state that new customers may get the wrong idea about the quality of your products if they see it with low price. But, if you make the promotion exclusive to your current customers, they will share the news with people and soon everyone will want to be one of your customers;

3. Advocacy - when a company talks about itself - this is advertising. But if customers talk about a company - this is brand advocacy. Brand advocacy is one of the most powerful occurrences when it comes to acquiring new customers, because people in generally do not believe in the things companies say, but they do believe in what the companies' customers say. So, where can you provide your customers with sharable tools that they know and use every day? Yes, on social media.

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