3 Ways to Make Your Customers More Loyal

Submitted 4/15/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

In the era of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn we all have easy access to creating, reading or sharing user reviews about products and services. So, how does this information overflow stack with customer loyalty? If a customer reads awesome reviews about your competitor would he decide to switch vendors or stay put and continue working with your company?

Things were quite simple before - the best advertising you could get was your past experience with a company - if you were satisfied with it, you worked with it and you changed vendors only when there was some big problem with no solution. Now, however, people don't need a big problem to switch sides, they can do it the minute they find out your competitor offers something more. So, where is customer loyalty? Believe it or not, there are still ways to make your brand stickier and your customers more loyal:

 1. Keep your promise - if you are selling a product claiming it does a certain thing and it will keep doing this thing - your are giving a promise to your customers and you better deliver on it. Your customers will demand the quality you advertise. The minute they find out your product doesn't have the quality you assured them it will have, they will switch sides. No man will say "Well, the product isn't what they advertise it is, but I'm still not switching vendors, because I am loyal to this company. I am loyal to this lying company.". And if something happens and your product isn't working the way you thought it would - don't blame the customers, look into their complaints instead and see what you can do to make things right. Which brings us to our next point...

 2. Over-deliver if you make a mistake - if you fail to deliver on a promise - correct your mistake and over-deliver. Your product isn't what you advertise it to be? Make a video for the social media where you apologize and promise a new product that will actually work. Be authentic, show customers that your brand is responsible for it's mistakes and they might give you a second chance. And we'll say it again - never blame it on the customer. If your company is a car, customers are the fuel. And we all know aht happens when a car has no fuel in it...

 3. Everyone is a customer - we all know there are different segments of customers. Some can afford to pay more, some can not. Most of the times, big customers bring bigger profit than small customers, but small customers are more as a number. Believe it or not, there are companies that will focus on bigger customers making their product exclusively for them, refusing to sell to smaller customers. Eventually, smaller customers hit the social medias and things go down for such exclusive companies. You want nothing like this to happen to you, right? So, forget about exclusiveness and become inclusive - sell to everyone and forget about prejudices, because small customers are the most loyal customers. 

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