5 Tips for Rejecting but not Losing the Customer

Submitted 4/9/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Most people think that there are two positions when it comes to owning a business - you either don't have enough clients or you have a lot. Actually, the situation is different, because you can also have too much customers. It might sound ridiculous, but when you come to think about it, having too much work on your hands can override your business "machine" and break it. It has happened - companies unable to figure out the optimal amount of work they can handle go down easily, because they take too much and end up losing existing clients. So, what is the solution? You need to say "no" sometimes. Here are 5 tips on how to say "no" to a potential client, but without actually losing the client:

 1. Make it personal - at the end of it all, we are human beings. So, when you need to deny a customer, make a more personal connection with them, ask about their family, about their hobbies. Make everything possible to show this person that you value your relationship and he will know that you are saying "no" not because you want to, but because you don't have any other choice;

 2. Make a referral - it might not sound like the best idea ever to send your potential customer to the competition, but sometimes you can benefit from it. Actually, everyone can benefit from it. The customer will be happy that his things will work after all, the other company will be happy for acquiring a new customer and you will be happy that it all happens because of you. Also, next time you will be at the receiving end of a referral;

 3. Make a good impression - rejection isn't a nice thing not just in business, so make sure that the customer doesn't feel very bad when leaving your office. Thank them for the opportunity they provide to work with them and for choosing you and trusting you. Counteract the impression that you are not interested in them as a customers;

 4. Make a plan for the future - explain in details why you can't take up on another customer at this time and try to set an approximate date in the future when you will be less buried in work. Mark the date and make sure you give the customer a call when the time comes. You need to contact the customer, remember;

 5. Send useful stuff - there is a big chance that in time, the customer will forget about you if you don't remind him about yourself. So, send them some useful articles or white papers. Maintain your relationship with the customer and you will be able to stay on their radar. This means that when the right time comes - you can approach him for business.

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