The 3 Foundations of the Good Customer Service

Submitted 3/19/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

Every once in a while we give you good tips on how to take your customer service up a notch. We also provide you with basic rules on how to keep the best quality in your work, and last, but not least, we provide you with one of the best help desk softwares out there, so there's that, too. But what about the foundations of the good customer service? It's like a good house - if you want it to be solid and awesome, you need to lay the right foundations and then build on them. So, here are the foundations of customer service:

1. Appreciation - it is very important to recognize the role of the customer service department as a vital part of your company. It's a department which, with the right tools and management, can be a main part of the revenue system and a knowledge base for all other departments. Furthermore, its work is to face daily unique challenges from which depends the number of loyal customers. Challenges other departments rarely or never face. So, appreciate the work of your customer service employees. Award their work or at least say thank you once in a while;

2. Communication - as I said earlier, the customer service department is your frontline soldier and as such, the department needs to know the important things right away. So, if you have a new policy, or a new product or service, or there is something new about your existing products and services - you need to provide the customer service department with the information as soon as possible, because they will need it when a customer calls and demands answers. You want your department to have these answers by it's side;

3. Respect - the job of a customer service employee is a hard and difficult job. If you are looking on it as just picking up the phone or chatting all day long, well you are so wrong. Customer service employees face angry customers on daily basis and this can be quite damaging. So, treat them with respect, because while you collect the fruits of your business, they do the hard work - trying to make a loyal customer out of an angry and frustrated one.

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