10 Tips for Customer Satisfaction

Submitted 3/6/2014 by Kaloyan Georgiev

1. Be fast - customers expect you to respond to their questions in 24 hours. But the faster - the better. If you contact the client 6 hours after the question - they will be happy, if you contact them in an hour - you are just being awesome. No matter when, make sure you contact the customer, because if you don't, you can count this as a failure;

2. Answer - if you don't have the answer to the customer's question, ask them to be patient while you search for a solution and that you will contact them once you have the needed information;

3. The first thing to say when you receive a complaint by a customer is "We are going to fix the problem". This will make the calm down a bit and actually listen to your solution;

4. Choice - try to offer multiple choice solution when answering to a complaint. This way the customer will feel a part of the whole and will cooperate easily;

5. Avoid using the phrase "it's company policy" in a negative way. Use it when you do more than what the customer expect, this way you will win another loyal customer with just a simple phrase;

6. The full customer satisfaction means to not only "satisfy" the customer, but also to "amaze" him in a way that will make him work with your company more and more;

7. Exceed expectations - big problems and complaints are always a fine chance to amaze the client with making that additional effort;

8. Making a brand advocate out of a complaining customer is always worth the time and the cost;

9. A small compensation offer can get you a long way towards winning a customer back, especially if he realizes that the circumstances were beyond your control when the problem occurred;

10. Keep your employees happy, because only happy employees can create happy customers.

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